seawater desalination

The seawater desalination method can be mainly divided into two categories: distillation (thermal method) and membrane method. Among them, low multi effect distillation, multi-stage flash evaporation, and reverse osmosis membrane method are the mainstream technologies worldwide. Generally speaking, low multi efficiency has the advantages of energy conservation, low requirements for seawater pretreatment, and high quality of desalinated water; The reverse osmosis membrane method has the advantages of low investment and low energy consumption, but it requires high requirements for seawater pretreatment;

Sea water desalination has been a dream pursued by humans for hundreds of years, and there have been stories and legends of removing salt from seawater in ancient times. The large-scale application of seawater desalination technology began in the arid Middle East region, but is not limited to that region. Due to over 70% of the world’s population residing within 120 kilometers of the ocean, seawater desalination technology has rapidly been applied in many countries and regions outside of the Middle East in the past 20 years.

Modern seawater desalination only developed after World War II. After the war, due to the vigorous development of oil by international capital in the Middle East, the region’s economy developed rapidly and its population increased rapidly. The demand for freshwater resources in this originally arid region continued to increase day by day. The unique geographical location and climate conditions of the Middle East, coupled with its abundant energy resources, have made seawater desalination a practical choice to solve the problem of freshwater resource shortage in the region, and have put forward requirements for large-scale seawater desalination equipment.

With the development of solar power technology, the more and more requirement for solar power the seawater desalination machine are widely required and applied, to save the energy cost for reverse osmosis seawater desalination plant.

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Post time: Jul-05-2024