Seawater cooling chlorination

Yantai Jietong Water Treatment Technology Co., Ltd is specialized in the design and manufacture of online Elec-chlorination system and High concentration 10-12% sodium hypochlorite for more than 20years.


Seawater Electro-chlorination system” online-chlorinated sodium hypochlorite dosing system,” it generally refers to systems used for chlorination for plant which use seawater as media, such as power plant, drill rig platform, vessel, ship, and mariculture.


Seawater booster pump give the seawater a certain velocity and pressure to throw the generator, then to degassing tanks after electrolyzed.


Automatic strainers will be used to ensure that sea water conveyed to the cells contains only particles below 500 microns.


After electrolysis the solution will be conveyed to degassing tanks to allow hydrogen to be dissipated by forced air dilution, via duty standby centrifugal blowers to 25% of LEL (1%)


The solution will be conveyed to the dosing point, from the hypochlorite tanks via dosing pumps.


The formation of sodium hypochlorite in an electrochemical cell is a mixture of chemical and electrochemical reactions.



at the anode 2 Cl- → CI2 + 2e chlorine generation

at the cathode 2 H2O + 2e → H2 + 20H- hydrogen generation



CI2 + H20 → HOCI + H+ + CI-


Overall the process can be considered to be

NaCI + H20 → NaOCI + H2



On site preparation of sodium hypochlorite using electrolysis seawater process, a certain dosage is added to the cooling water to electrolyze seawater for chlorine production. The actual process of this phase of the project is as follows: seawater → pre filter → seawater pump → automatic flushing filter → sodium hypochlorite generator → storage tank → dosing pump → dosing point.


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