bleaching agent producing machine

There are different types of bleach making machines available for cloth bleaching that can produce bleaching agents such as sodium hypochlorite. Here are some options: 1. Electrolysis machine: This machine uses salt, water and electricity to produce sodium hypochlorite. The electrolysis process separates the salt into sodium and chloride ions, and the chlorine gas is then mixed with water to form sodium hypochlorite. 2. Batch reactor: The batch reactor is a container for mixing sodium hydroxide, chlorine and water to produce sodium hypochlorite. The reaction is carried out in a reaction vessel with a mixing and stirring system. 3. Continuous reactor: The continuous reactor is similar to the batch reactor, but it runs continuously and produces a constant flow of sodium hypochlorite. 4. Ultraviolet Disinfection Systems: Some machines use ultraviolet (UV) lamps to produce bleach for fabric bleaching. The UV light reacts with chemical solutions to create powerful disinfectants and bleaches. When choosing a bleach production machine, it is important to consider the machine’s capacity, safety features, ease of use and maintenance, and operating costs. It is also important to follow safety guidelines and handle bleach carefully to avoid accidents and keep users safe.

Post time: Apr-13-2023